If you want to be a successful independent artist, you need to have a fan base, create a buzz, and turn it into a sell. You need to have good music, great lyrics, and even better performances. Your performances will make or break you so you need to know the show you’re planning and how to execute on all of them.

When you’re searching for places to download lyrics and cover songs, you’ll find a lot of competition. It’s a good idea to avoid re- publishing companies who want to capitalize on your work as a copyright. (Finding a good Dickinson and Jagger lyricist is not impossible but it is costly and time consuming to search for one – half the time it’s not accurate and you’ll end up paying for re-publishing because it’s inaccurate.

The first place to look for lyrics is the better lyric sites. These sites are unique to the Internet and require a lot of effort and patience to navigate. It isn’t easy to create and run a lyric site from scratch, although a few people are very talented and can do it.

The first lyric site I recommend is Takeswantail.com. They’ve got the greatest and most featured lyric pages. There are quite a few user-generated sites out there, but none feature as many lyric pages. The user interface needs a little work, but it’s something that takes time for the more experienced lyricist to improve.

If you’re into underground rap, or hip hop, understands underground rap, and references hip hop, then you’ll have no use for Takeshowail.com. While it has a solid following, it’s not a primary lyric site and their featured lyricists are the writers and artists that are main focus. You can still use this, but you’ll need to jump around genres and find other artists.

The second place that I recommend is yieldingserious.com. Off of the beaten path, this is a Lil’ Wayne lungs and spilling with enough Watts to give a drowning man his swimming pool.

You’ll have to jump around genres, attempting to find that one unique rapper that you love. Of course, that rapper is more likely to be found on another more well-established site. Chances are, they’re more often right here at Sweet Art.

That means that when you scroll on down, you’re going to get the occasional Lil’ Wayne lyric. It’s not terribly extensive, but it does tenessmentfor what you’ll find on other sites.

Smiley.com also has a radio playlist, a tradition that some artists may feel ought to be continued. This is a great hurrah for those hoping to stir some controversy into their music before they make it big.

This leads us to the final place, the last but certainly far from least. Rhapsody.com is a service that provides legal music downloads. Rhapsody boasts that they’ve distributed more than 2.5 million songs already. In 2005 they began to offer a service for legal music downloads. In that year Rhapsody offered exclusive downloads for all of their plan members.  I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t love to have Rhapsody as part of their service.

Now that you know which sites offer what you’re looking for, it’s time to figure out how to get these files into your computer.

Some sites rely on the file passing through their servers. Files are passing across their server at the very earliest stages of creation. Some sites strive to have their files shares available to be Anyone and everyone can download them in an unlimited number. Files can be shared freely or limited depending on the sharer’s or service’s pricing.

When you know which files are sharer friendly and which ones aren’t, it’s time to hop onto your fast cooler and burn those files. One option would be to download a simple burning software, but there are a great number of Prepar3D burning software utilities that will be comparative to any program you’re looking at. There are even Ceridus CDRs that play .wav files.

I’m not too fussy about .wav files. If you have something that’s not a lot of noise in it, it’s fine, but if you have music that’s saying “so ring” or ” broadcasters,” keep on reading because there’s a great option for you.

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