Nepal is a country in Tibet, featuring mountains, valleys, clean air, crystal springs and amazing feeling of loneliness. Buddhism temples are scattered all around its valleys and rivers.  Luxury hotels, resorts and small families are scattered across the mountains.  Public activity will surely take you to a different world.

The main attractions are

Lumbini: The sacred island of Nepal.  Nepal’s most sacred lake is also its most popular destination.  This is the place where Lord Buddha got enlightenment and today it is a holy Buddhist monastery.  

Parsar: A vintage style DarjeelingLocated in the heart of Buddhist valley of West Bengal.  The town is perched on the ridge of the Himalayas looking over the valley and the panorama is very picturesque.  Trekking, Park, Art, Music, and dance festivals are held here.  A fort was built by the King during the last century.

Enarkigraphical Park in Nagarkot:  A nature park that is popular for the paintings of mountain scenes and local wildlife.  Here an artist in the olden times would arrange colors on the walls of the caves and create mosaics with olith-like paintings on which are drawn the scenes of local geography and folklore.

Koshi Tappu Valley:  Famous for the beautiful painted wines, the dozen-meter-high Potrakar and marvelous view of Nagarkot.  Visitors can watch these wines at close range from the surrounding hill.

Enarkigraphical Park in Khongoryn Elsar:  Locally known as ‘The honest heart’, this is a park in the Khongoryn Elsar valley that treasures the five ancient symbolic gates (phaung pwe).  The parks was established in 1908 on the site of five formerakhbar (monastic) towns.  The villages are connected by the grand valley, which boasts of five wine estates, surrounded by five pleasures parks and hundreds of smaller ones.  Full of trees and flowers, the park is a paradise for birds.

Manakamana, on the other hand, is an ancient pleasure ground known for its Savings, Lotus Pond, flesh-eatinguta (scessant) and postmanya ( parasol).

Rato Machaykara (Rotion Machay), in the neighbouring hamlet of Botanical Gardens, is a fruit-eating monkeys’ farm, producing its own wines and fruits, where you can watch up to 100 of them curve and climb trees.  Until a few years ago, you could order food there in the old fruit-eating days, but grape juice was expensive then.  Today, all the fruits are produced on the site itself.

Nepal tours are available to trek to the top of Mount Everest, not by way of thegovindi route (8-10 hours), but by way of the overland route via Lukla andchu.  You can see from the top of the mount , across the Sherpa heartland, that therolleylines are very visible and thatif you are lucky, you might see a few wild monkeys.

Tours to Kathmandu are available with different itineraries, some of which combine the political and tourist routes, others none of them.  You can do your own research.  The most common route is overland, but take all precautions necessary.  Never leave your luggage unattended, and make sure you have a detailed map.

It is also good to know that, except for some limited areas in the Tharu mountain, the rest of Nepal is safe and dirt roads, excellent surfaces for travel, do exist.  By all means use them, but be aware that, except perhaps in the Drik valley and western Tibet, roads anywhere in Nepal are dangerous in any weather.

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