There seems to be no stopping the current trend on the rise of gas prices. The price per gallon has now reached $4 in some states and no doubt prices will continue increasing. The price increases for fuel and other commodities has reached an unheard of extent. The common man isicken with the expenses increase on every day basis, but what to do! In such a situation, the car owners often think of car which run on water as an alternative to gasoline.

It is not only in the city where the prices of gas are raising but industries and businesses are costs in the range of basic food rations and the luxuries we use in day to day living. The shoes we wear and the elevators we use to go to the office, to school, to the post office and to buy groceries are most probably on the same principle as the water cars.

How does a car run on water?

Using the process of electrolysis, which is a blueprint according to which water is broken down to its basic components, by recharging the electrical power of the battery. By doing so, hydrogen and oxygen which are the by products of the reaction are then released as gases. These gases are then collected in the hydrogen producing cell and transported to the fuel cell, this then burns the gasoline. The fuel cell is more like a huge battery and the end result is that the fuel is used efficiently.

Benefits of converting your car to run on water:

1. Making use of the hydrogen power is environmental friendly:

 oxidizing the carbon compounds in the gasoline produces carbon monoxide, this is highly pollutant, so the gases that will be released by this process will make sure that there is minimal build up of carbon in the atmosphere. The absence of carbon will mean that we have a cleaner air quality.

2. The engine life is increased as the carbon is cleared from the engine.

3. The sound and heat of the engine is reduced.

4. There is a reduced weight in the car, which helps in reducing the fuel costs.

5. There is a huge increase in the mileage, as in theory, when a car runs on water, the fuel is also used effectively, thus there is an increase in the mileage.

How to start collecting hydrogen:

The basic technical step that you can start following is to convert your car to make use of the hydrogen power. The conversion is done by introducing electrodes into your car’s battery to convert H2O or water into HHO. Electrolysis is the technical term for the passing of current over an electrolyte in the water. This Browns gas is then converted to usable energy.

You should know that a car will not run completely on water. Until technology find out to fully make use of the power of Browns gas, there will be modifications done like parallel charging, which is the charging of the battery by means of the cars engine. The safety of this process is done away with, so that the addition of the fuel cells are not harmful for the car as well as the passengers.

If you are interested in the full information on how to convert your car to run on water, you can log on to many sites on the net. The information and the attachments provided are comprehensive and complete. For each car make and model, and every car owner the information is given so that you get all the information at your disposal. When you get fully benefited by reading “Run your car on water guide”, you are highly recommended to take a full copy of the module that you have to the house to take action according to the instructions.

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