Ever bought something at a great price and then thought of reselling it elsewhere for a profit. This is a common practice and many people make good money doing it. Amazon is a popular place to resell products. Many people purchase products from other sources and then sell them on Amazon at a higher price. This strategy can be used to build a business. How do you become an Amazon Reseller? This guide will teach you everything you need to know.

There are many ways to sell on Amazon

There are many ways to sell products on Amazon. These are the top strategies.

  • Sell your own used products: Do you have items in your home that you think people would pay for? You can list your items on Amazon to see if they are available for sale online.
  • Retail Arbitrage This is where you purchase products from a retailer and then resell them to Amazon for profit. This is where you need to look for clearance or sale items that sell for less than what they are listed on Amazon.
  • Online Arbitrage This is the same concept as retail arbitrage except that instead of purchasing items from brick-and-mortar stores, you can buy them online from other marketplaces such as eBay. You’ll need products that sell for less than the price they are listed on Amazon.
  • Purchase Products from Wholesalers If you have a bigger budget, you can purchase items from wholesalers. These wholesalers sell products to businesses in order to resell them to consumers. This strategy will give you the lowest price per item, but you will need to purchase in bulk to make it work.
  • Buy From Manufacturers: This strategy is for advanced sellers. You can create your private label product and then buy it from the manufacturer. You will need to purchase in bulk, just like wholesalers.

While all of these strategies are possible to make money, reselling products directly from manufacturers and wholesalers is the most profitable. It might be a good idea for beginners to try one of these strategies. They don’t require large investments. Once you feel comfortable selling and have saved money, you can move on to purchasing from suppliers.

Making Money Selling Products on Amazon

You need to find products that sell for significantly less on Amazon in order to make money selling them as a reseller. Amazon will take a percentage of each sale and you have to pay additional fees if you sell through FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). You need to ensure that the difference between the purchase price and the sale price is sufficient to allow you to still make profit.

Here’s a sample:

  1. A book is on sale in a store for $5.
  2. It’s available on Amazon for $20.
  3. The book costs $5, and you then ship it to Amazon FBA for $2.
  4. It is $20 to sell and Amazon will pay a referral fee $3. You will also be charged $5 FBA fees (storage & fulfillment fees).

All you had to do was to buy the book and send it to Amazon. Although $5 seems small, if you make 10, 20, or more sales per day it quickly adds up.

What else should you look for when analyzing a product

There are many factors that influence how easy it is for you to sell a product on Amazon. These important criteria can be checked:

  • A Private Label is one that is only sold by a merchant with a brand registry. This product is not available for Dropshipping and Online Arbitrage.
  • Products that fall under a restricted category or contain hazardous materials (hazmat) will make it difficult to sell these products.
  • If the product has Prime delivery. Dropshipping is not a good option if you don’t want to worry about fast shipping.

Your decision to sell a product will be affected by how difficult it is to find. The most difficult products can take more effort and time, which can often result in losing money. You can use tools from ecominsights.io to help with finding high volume and high priced items to sell.

How to Be an Amazon Reseller

It’s easy to sell products on Amazon. Follow these steps to start a successful resale company.

Reselling Products on Amazon

  1. Decide what product you want to market
  2. Register to become an Amazon seller
  3. Locate suppliers and stores that sell your product
  4. Register your products
  5. Use FBA
  6. You can win the Buy Box

Each of these steps will be broken down in greater detail to help you understand exactly what you need do to build your Amazon Business.

#1 Choose What You Want To Sell

You should do more research if you are still not sure what you want to sell. You will be selling what you find, unless you buy from a wholesaler. However, it is still a good idea to do some research before you start to sell. Certain products are more well-known than others. Some products are extremely competitive, making them difficult to sell. It doesn’t really matter how good a deal you get on a product. Take a look at tools for what is selling best on amazon so you can get a better idea on what is in demand. You’ll lose money if you can’t sell it.

#2 Register to become an Amazon Seller

Once you have done your research, you will need to register for an Amazon account in order to begin reselling. To do this, go to the page . Two options will be available when you register for an account:

  • To register as a professional seller, click “Sign up”. This account is $39.99 per month and includes all the tools and features Amazon offers sellers.
  • To register as an Individual seller, click “Sign up to be an individual seller”. Although this account is free, you won’t be able to access nearly as many features. A $0.99 fee will be charged for each item you sell.

An Individual account is a good place to start if you are just starting out with Amazon selling. If you are looking to establish a business, a Professional account might be the best choice. A Professional account is a great way to save money once you have sold over 40 products per month. To sign up for an Amazon Account, you will need to have a piece government ID, a card and tax information.

#3 List your Products

It’s time for you to list your items on Amazon when you have products that you are ready to sell. To add a product to your Seller Central account, go to the following link. You can search for the product either by name or enter its ASIN code. Once your product has been added to Amazon, you can sell it whenever someone buys that item. We’ll discuss a few ways to increase your chances of selling.

#4 Use FBA

A fulfillment strategy is necessary if you plan on growing a business that sells many products each month. It can be very time-consuming to pack and ship orders by yourself. This often makes it difficult to manage other aspects of your reselling company. What is FBA? You simply need to send your inventory to Amazon. They store your inventory and ship it to your customers when there is an order. FBA comes with additional fees, but the convenience is well worth it.

#5 Enter the Win Box

Final step is to win the buybox . The “buy button” is the Amazon listing page’s “Buy Now” button. Amazon uses a system to ensure that only one seller can sell each listing. These are some tips that will help you win the purchase box

  • You must have a Profession Seller account to be eligible for the buybox.
  • Keep a strong account and provide excellent customer service.
  • Provide competitive prices. But you don’t have to be the lowest, but you should be at least close.
  • Make sure you have plenty of stock.

You can make a decent profit if you do the above consistently.

Can I Resell Products on Amazon?

It is legal to purchase a product in a shop and then resell it online. A permit is not required to be an authorized seller. You can resell the item if you want after you have purchased it. Keep in mind, however, that if an item is purchased from a shop it is no longer new so you will need to mark it “Used/Very good Condition.” You will need to buy products from wholesalers or manufacturers if you wish to market your products as “New”.

You should also note that although you are legally allowed to resell any product purchased, Amazon has some restrictions regarding reselling specific brands. Although there is no official list, experienced sellers say that some of these brands are:

  • Adidas
  • Disney
  • Hasbro
  • LEGO
  • Samsung

Do your research before you buy a product for reselling on Amazon.

Resell the Best Items on Amazon

Are you wondering what products to sell on Amazon? There are many great options. Here are some good starting points:


Many people have created entire Amazon businesses around selling books on Amazon. If you’re lucky enough to find the right books, you can make a lot of money. Many used books are collector’s items. Nonfiction books, particularly textbooks, are often the most lucrative. This is due to their high resale values.


This category is Amazon’s most popular. This is why it is the most popular category on Amazon. These are some of the most profitable items to resell:

  • Accessory for your smartphone
  • Computer accessories
  • Chargers for various devices

Home & Kitchen

The category Home & Kitchen has seen a significant increase in popularity in the past year as more people spend time in their homes. These are some of the best items in this category:

  • Food scales
  • Shaker bottles
  • Tumblers

Toys & Games

Toys are always in high demand, especially during the holidays. This category has seen great sales in the last year, as people look for products that entertain at home. These are some items you might want to look at for this category.

  • Card and board games
  • Colored pencils
  • Toys for babies


You can make a side hustle out of selling products on Amazon. Or, you can make it a full-time job. You can go as far or as little as you like. There’s no reason to make money if you do your research and are willing to put in the effort.

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