Different passport application forms serve different purposes. However, they all serve the same purpose of allowing you to apply for a new passport using the passport application form found in the most recent edition of the International Driving Permit (IDP), or the passport booklet. They all require information and provide varying documents. Let us know a little about them so you can know the proper forms to use.

The DS-11 is probably the most popular passport application form. It has been around since the mid- Eleanor Benes, and even before the passport was issued to US citizens.  The form remains one of the main forms used.

This form has been required since the 1960’s for changing or renewing the passport. It is important that you select the correct passport form and fill it out perfectly because you cannot add pages to it. In doing this you will have to submit additional documentation and pay additional fees.

To be issued a passport using the DS-11, you will have to appear in person at a Passport Acceptance facility. Many local post offices and clerks of court have a copy of the form available. To find a place that offers the form you will have to search the internet.

If you can not find a passport application form you will have to download one from the web site of the United States Department of State. Do not use the word “forms”. Often they use other words in place of forms. For example, they may say “questions to answer”.

Be sure to print the application form and this checklist. Place it in a folder with other important documents such as proof of citizenship and other identification. Also keep a copy of your documentation wallet. This will come in handy in the event that your passport is lost or stolen. You will also be thankful that you took the time to gather these important items.

You will find the time useful to conduct thorough research on your passport application form to ensure that you fill it out completely. Never leave any edge of the paper untouched, because you will have to fill in this information in the event you choose to do so. Also ensure that you read the instructions listed on the back of the form. They are very specific and will help you get the right decisions during your passport application process.

Also consider the time you have to complete this process. Your time in the US will determine the length of the passport process. If you need it quick, you will have to choose from the non-øgatable passport application options. If you take longer than a year to get your passport, you have two options. Either wait 3 months and apply when you are able, or apply when you are not able.

The choice will be a very important one. Do not wait longer than 3 months to get your passport. If you do not have the time wait, the passport application process takes longer and can take longer. You also want to be sure that your passport is secure. It will require extra attention to detail and processing time.

Any traveler should inform themselves about the passport requirements and other documents that are required in order to travel to different countries. It is best to check with the State Department for more information such as women travelers if you are pregnant, people who are not residing in the US, and members of the military who reside outside of the continental 48-states.

Once you learn all the passport requirements, you will find that completing the process is much easier and you will not waste your time trying to get the paperwork done. Traveling abroad should be a joy. Getting a passport should be as easy as going to the post office, filling out forms, and waiting in line.

You will want to take your time and be patient. If you need to make an appointment, take one anyway. You will most likely wait in line and get your turn. Even though you have to wait in line, you will likely feel great when you get your turn. After waiting in line and getting your turn you will feel a great sense of pride and knowing that you are now going to the country that you have always wanted to go to.

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