You should try Instant Pot Condensed milk Dulce De Leche if you haven’t tried it before. This caramel is the perfect recipe, only one ingredient is required, and can be made quickly in the Instant pot. When I was young, my mom used to make condensed-milk caramel with me. When she was young, she would put the caramel can in a large pot of water and let it simmer for hours until it became dark and caramelized.

Although it took a while to prepare, it was worth the wait. It was more of a treat than something I would make all the time. Then I discovered the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is fast at caramelizing foods, as you may already know. It is used to make delicious caramelized ginger soup. You can use it to make dulce de leche, which takes so much time on the stovetop. !

Is it safe to pressurize a can?

Fear of exploding condensed milk dulce-de-leche in your Instant pot is one reason why you might not make it. You must be careful when cooking under pressure. Is it safe for condensed milk to be pressurized? It’s something I have done many times. It’s been done by thousands of others. You can pressurize a can of Instant Pot without any worries if you do it correctly.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t be careful and adhere to specific rules in order to safely do so. If you aren’t willing to take the safety precautions, please don’t attempt this recipe. These precautions should be carefully read and followed to the letter.

Take care

  • Check the can for cracks and scratches that could cause the can to collapse under pressure. Use a damaged or dented can.
  • Place the Instant Pot can on top of the trivet. Make sure it is completely submerged in water.
  • Before opening the can, let it cool to room temperature. Even when the can is “warm”, the internal pressure will still be high so let it cool completely before you touch it or open it.

Ingredients You Need

Let’s now get to the ingredients. It’s short!

  • 1 can sweetened milk

Any brand can be used. While I prefer Carnation brand, many people prefer Eagle brand. Although some store-brand versions aren’t as good as larger brands, you can still experiment until you find the one that you love.

Is Pull-Tab Okay?

I started the experiment with a regular can that didn’t have a pull tab. It works great. Angie didn’t have a pull-tab container so she used that. It worked well. Pull top tabs are available on the Eagle brand condensed milk. The pull tab version is fine. Make sure the lid is free from any marks or dents.

Can Evaporated Milk be Substituted?

You can’t use evaporated milk for dulce de leche. It does not contain any added sugar. Condensed milk is essentially just milk and sugar. It turns to caramel. Evaporated milk is reduced milk that has less water but contains no sugar. 

How to make Instant Pot Condensed milk

Although it is very simple, you should follow the instructions.

Step 1: Take off the label and glue

It is important to take off the label from the can. Otherwise, it will be floating around in the Instant Pot. It is easy to remove. It’s a bit difficult to remove the glue, but it is important. You will find little glue bits stuck to your inner pot after the cooking has finished. This can be a pain to remove. Googone is the best way to remove glue from labels. Follow the instructions on your bottle to remove glue.


You don’t have to remove the glue from the can. Tin foil can be used instead. This will prevent glue from sticking to your inner pot.

Step 2: Place the can in the pot

Place the trivet in the inner pot. This is the trivet included with your Instant Pot. It has handles that make it easy to remove the can. You can also use any basket or steamer that can lift the can from the bottom of your Instant Pot if you don’t own this trivet.

Place the can horizontally on the trivet. Make sure that it doesn’t touch either the sides or the bottom. You can place 2 cans horizontally if you are cooking them at the same time. Set them upright if you are cooking more than 3 cans. The pot can be filled with warm or cold water. It should be filled to the maximum fill line. You should not fill it beyond the maximum fill line. The cans should be covered with water.

Step 3: Cook

If necessary, close the lid and seal the vent. Cook at high pressure for 22 min. The pot will need to rise to pressure for between 15 and 25 minutes. There are many timings I have seen, ranging from 15 minutes up to 50 minutes. I believe that 22 minutes is the ideal amount of time. The caramel is dark and caramelized, and it’s smooth and not too sweet. It doesn’t need to be cooked for longer than 25 minutes, so I don’t see any reason why.

Step 4: Cool Completely

Allow for natural pressure to release once the timer is over. This process will take between 30 and 40 minutes. Do not rush! You can turn the machine off when the pressure has been released and the float valve is at its lowest point. It is best to turn it off and leave it on Keep Warm. This will not allow the machine to cool down. Open the lid, and let the water cool down quickly. Do not move the can or bump the machine. Cooling the can completely takes between 3-4 hours. It is best to wait until the can cools completely if it is still warm.

The super cautious: You can let the Instant Pot cool overnight without taking off the lid. It will have cooled by morning and you can then open the pot to take out the can.